Actor Naga Chaitanya comes from a family of great actors. With this mind, Chaitanya’s greatest cinematic feat seems to the upcoming film where he acts alongside his father and grandfather, a rare wonder that very few actors in the world have ever been able to achieve. But for Chai, it is not so much about the film as it is about the emotional journey that is associated with the film. After all, it was during the shooting of this film itself that his grandfather’s illness became public although the family knew it beforehand.

Chaitanya thinks that the way his grandfather dealt with his affairs amidst the illness was inspiring. The family all derived strength watching him deal bravely with his illness. It is therefore why this film is an emotional journey for both Naga Chaitanya and his family and they are all very invested in the movie. The toughest scene for Chaitanya where he had to call his grand father ANR musaloda!