Naga-BabuNaga Babu exiting from Jabardasth show was followed by a lot of speculations and he too seemed to have taken to lashing out at the makers of the show for their non-interference policy when Jabardasth comedians were attacked.

In his latest video Naga Babu spoke in detail how he had to interfere when comedian Venu was attacked for the content of his skit. Then, the producers didn’t come to the rescue of the actors while Naga Babu tried to give the comedians moral support.

It’s not just once, Mallemala Productions didn’t show any interest whenever there was a backlash on its comedians. Though Naga Babu was paid well as one of the judges, there had been issues with the remuneration that was paid to the comedians.

All these put together and the ideological differences between him and the production house made him to finally quit the show. In between, several comedians too left the show for the non-sympathetic stance of the producers, said Naga Babu.