Naga-Babu-Clarifies-YS-Jagan-on-Pawan-Kalyan's-Multiple-WeddingsJagan making personal remarks on Pawan Kalyan have gone viral on the field and Pawan Kalyan did not take it to the next level and only tried to slow down the fire with his Tweet requesting his not to abuse Jagan and his family taking the controversy. But Nagababu seems to have some thoughts on why Jagan had to make such comments.

Nagababu opinionated that a leader of a party should be watchful of his words and Jagan couldn’t do that. He could easily speak ill of Pawan taking his marital life just because he underestimated his brother, whereas his brother is growing as the strongest force in the state politics. He expressed his annoyance about why is everyone bothered by Pawan’s marital life, as whatever he did with his life, he sorted it legally and perfectly.

Also, he quoted that Jagan feels insecure and as he couldn’t find another flaw in Pawan’s life to point out and hence got into making personal comments. All of these tactics are only to defame Pawan in public, says Nagababu who seemed very confident about the political health of his brother. But, will Pawan be able to live up to his family and fans predictions? Not easy.