Naga Babu Big Oddity in -Geetha GovindamThose who watched ‘Geetha Govindam‘, they might have noticed the big oddity in the movie and that is Nagababu’s brief role as Govind Vijay. Though the mega brother played a brief role, one must agree that it is very weird. The role has limited relevance to the proceedings of the main plot of the movie.

But, whenever Nagababu appears on the screen, he catches our attention mainly due to his dubbing. The makers had dubbed his voice instead of using his own voice. Lately, Nagababu has been suffering from hoarse voice issues (Bonguru Gonthu) and the makers had to dub for him. But, audiences are very familiar with his voice because of ‘Jabardast’.

Besides ‘Jabardast’, Nagababu’s media interactions also made his voice very familiar. Watching Nagababu on the screen and listening to someone else’s voice seemed weird. Nonetheless, the voice issue didn’t make any negative impact on the film as it was a brief role.