Jana-Sena---Naga-BabuNaga Babu contested with his brother Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena Party ticket and like others, he too lost the election. He did a lot of negative campaigning against TDP through his YouTube channel but, couldn’t amass votes for his brother’s party.

However, he lost and also his brother, Pawan Kalyan, the party chief of Jana Sena. Post the election verdict, through his latest video on his YouTube channel, Naga Babu asked Janasainiks to go for a vacation, at least, for a month or two to pull themselves together again after the defeat and then, come back to discuss the party’s agenda in the future.

Jana Sena Party has a Herculean task ahead to prove as a political outfit even after the disastrous result they have got. Let’s see how would they go forward.

As of now, Naga Babu wished Jagan will remember the landslide victory and serve the people who gave him this success. He hoped Jagan would keep up his promises and if not, they (Jana Sena Sainiks) would see to that he keeps up his promises.