nagarjuna-and-akhilBoth Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya are stylish actors but they are poor in dances. But, the youngest Akkineni scion Akhil is surprising audiences with his electrifying dance moves. There is ease in his dancing. Not only audiences even Nag was surprised to see his dance. We may wonder why?

Being a father, we expect Nag to be aware of his dancing skills. But Akhil says he never danced at any family function or any event. He kept his skill to himself. That’s why even his dad was surprised to know that Akhil can dance so well. Coming to his father’s involvement in the release of the movie, Akhil is all praises for his dad.

He says when the team was in dilemma and got stuck, it was Nagarjuna who came to their rescue and set all the things right. Akhil wants people to understand that he is the saviour for this film. He gave guidance when they needed most. He isn’t the one who stopped the film but the one who guided through ambiguity.