King Nagarjuna is on the verge of retirement in movies. Unlike other heroes, he is ready to accept it with grace and started to concentrate on his business.  Recently, State Bank of India had given him 450 Crore Rupees to Nag. Out of which, Rs.200 Crores will be used for construction of a new studio in 7 acres of land in Annapurna studios and with the remaining Rs.250 Crores, he is constructing commercial complexes. Nagarjuna is planning to revamo the studio to meet the requirements of film production in a digital era. So that one can come here with a concept to go out with the can (the final product).
Annapurna Studios had recently entered in to association  with few Hollywood and Bollywood film production houses to bring production houses to Hyderabad. The new facilities would be opened for shootings in a few weeks.