Contrary to rumours that Nagarjuna has green-lighted a film to directed by Trivikram featuring his younger son Akhil, he said that Akhil is the one who will take a final call on entering films. Nag said that whenever Akhil tells me he is ready then i will set up meetings for him with few directors, but until then whatever you hear are just rumours.

Nag added that he did the same with Chaitanya, and will follow the same routine with Akhil as well. He also added that his father Nageswara Rao never asked him if he was interested in films, but when Nag approached his father after he was interested, he had helped him to meet people. Nag believes that’s the only way to learn the ropes of this industry.

When asked about speculations featuring Trivikram and Akhil, he added that whenever he watches a good film, he makes it a point to congratulate the director and he did the same this time after he watched Attarinitki Daaredhi. Nag had personally appreciated and congratulated Trivikram on the film’s success.