Ntr-nagarjun-mek-showAt this point everyone probably is aware that Young Tiger NTR is going to appear on King Nagarjuan’s show Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu. While fans of both the stars are happy with this development, there is a certain section that is looking into this sudden development with ulterior motive and big time skepticism.

The common point asked by those skeptics is the timing of the programme right in tune with the release of the respective films. It’s a perfect platform for promoting both the film and also takes care of the weak perception issue created by strong arming Dictator.

While Nagarjuna comes with little to lose, the biggest gainer of this whole episode would be without any doubt Jr NTR. As it is he has sympathy working for him and now additionally he would get positive feedback among neutral segment too. It is a clever step indeed as the skeptics assume.