It is known that actor Nagarjuna owns a high profile function hall near Hi-Tech city, which is built in 10 acres landed in land encroachment issue. After conducting the land survey on 29 acre Tammidi Kunta, GHMC officials confirmed that Nag’s N-Convention extends to about 3.12 acres of lake land. GHMC officials hanged a sign board about the unauthorized structure at the function hall earlier today.

While the GHMC department is getting ready to take up demolition activity of the building, Nagarjuna had approached the High Court with a lunch motion petition to stop the action by GHMC. Lunch Motion petition is filed in case of emergency and the case is heard the very same day after lunch. N-Convention management had filed the lunch motion petition in the early hours of Monday but since the court had a half day holiday, case has been put off to Tuesday morning. Meanwhile, Justice A Rajasekhar Reddy of the Hyd court directed the officials to maintain status quo (keep things the way they presently are) on N Convention Centre. The case will come up again on Tuesday (today) for hearing. Further move will be made after HC listens the contentions from both the parties.