Nag explains why he can't retire!

Nagarjuna turns 54 today, but says he doesn’t plan to retire because working in films is a big stress-buster for him. He says he would never want to think of stop acting, and moreover, since he is nearing 100 films, he certainly doesn’t want to retire before he touches the magic number.

Manam is Nag’s 96th film. With four more to go for 100, he says after he touches the number, he might think of playing strong characters like Amitabh Bachchan. “I don’t mind being part of multi-starrer films with strong and meaningful roles.

He wants to act as long as he can says Nag, who is awaiting the release of Bhai. Having recently announced that he plans to distribute his own films, Nag also plans to support low-budget films but at a later stage.