Nadhiya Moidu GodboleSome character actors get lucky getting performance-oriented roles which get noticed easily and Nadhiya is one of them. Coming to Trivikram films, he seems to be giving her substantial roles consistently and in no way Nadhiya disappointed us.

She is one terrific performer. Surprisingly, she is getting roles in which she is either portrayed as a strict mother or a mother-in-law. Nadhiya says, “That’s why Trivikram calls me ‘Angry Young Man’.” True. That’s how her characters are portrayed in Trivikram films indeed. But there is always a soft side to this strictness.

She is happy that she is getting noticed on screen and everyone else in Trivikram’s movie get good chance to have a screen presence which makes impact. That’s how Trivikram takes care of his actors… giving respect to them and make their characters important.