uppena-zombie-reddy-check-three-telugu-films-to-look-out-for-in-february-1As we know that most of our films are having a limited release, overseas, the overseas Telugu audiences are waiting to watch the new releases on digital platforms. There is a lot of curiosity in three Telugu films.

The first one among them is Allari Naresh’s film ‘Naandhi‘ that would cater to the tastes of the audiences there. As the movie had a limited release, audiences didn’t get to watch it. Naturally, they are waiting for a digital release. It’s sealed for streaming on ‘Aha’.

The second one is ‘Zombie Reddy’, a lighter vein fun film for which the talks are still on for the OTT release. The US audiences are still not moving to theatres and so, they missed this fun-filled movie with a new concept.

The third one is the blockbuster ‘Uppena’. It would be streaming on ‘Netflix’ and when it starts streaming, there would be a big buzz, obviously.

‘Aha’ securing the streaming rights of hit films is working in its favour. ‘Krack’ is already streaming on Aha and recording a huge number of views for it.