Naandhi Box Office resultThe Telugu audience always welcomes good content. It is not still the same when it comes to hard-hitting content, but things are changing slowly. A lot of credit here goes to the critics (reviews) and the online junta who give such movies a massive ‘initial’ push.

Our Review: Naandhi Review – A Honest And Emotional Fare

Ultimately, it is up to the audience and the talk they generate. We had updated the same in our advance booking report (Check here). The take off was dependent on word of mouth, and it was extremely positive, mainly of Allari Naresh’s act.

Naandhi is a raw and realistic fare, for the most part. It has cinematic liberties, but the overall tone if that of sincerity and genuine emotion. This, along with a memorable performance by Allari Naresh, has connected with the audience at some level. The result is the movie reaching towards a hit status.

After below-par opening on the morning shows of the first day, Naandhi picked up tremendously to register houseful shows at the end of the day itself. It increased the momentum and resulted in the doubling of the shows for the weekend in key territories.

On the all crucial first Monday, Naandhi has stood firm with better collections than the first day. It has broken even in the biggest territory Nizam. By tomorrow, it is expected to enter the profit zone overall and emerge a hit.

As and when it happens, it will be the first genuine success for Allari Naresh after more than half a decade. The actor’s prayers for success are finally heard. Vijay Kanakamedala directs Naandhi. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar played a crucial supporting role in the movie.