Naa Rakumarudu ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Predictable and Boring

‘U’ Certified

Oh-No Rating

Naa Rakumarudu Review
What is “Naa Rakumarudu” about?
It’s a simple love story of a millionaire son with a girl who lives her life for the moment. There is a small glitch here and how it is resolved and what happens in the end makes Naa Rakumarudu.

How is Naveen Chandra’s performance?
So far we have seen the actor play rough and tough characters be it in Andala Rakshasi or Dalam. Here for the first time he plays a suave rich son in the film. He is decent overall but the traces of the rough and tough personality keeps on showing throughout.

Naa Rakumarudu ReviewWhat about Satya’s direction?
Debutant director Satya has taken a very simple story and such simple stories need to be handled with extreme care in terms of the screenplay. The director also handles and the screenplay here and he has kept is as simple as his story as well. The screenplay lets him down as its very predictable and gets boring soon. The climax completely ruins the film. He has a vision which could be seen from the clean visuals and neat narration of the film along with entertaining dialogues. But he needs to work hard on the story and screenplay aspect to get noticed and create a mark.

Naa Rakumarudu ReviewRitu Varma and other artists performance?
Ritu Varma is the actual heat and soul of the film. She gets a character that started as a lovable girl type in the past but have now turned very irritating. Still she manages to bring some interest on her character purely through her chilled out carefree action and she deserves a credit for that as its very difficult to pull off. Sitara has decent presence in the film but gets predicable towards the end. Bhargavi gets couple of scenes that are important to the film. Then there is a special comedy track involving Krishna Bhagwan and he is fine in the few scenes that he is present.

Naa Rakumarudu ReviewHow is Music, Songs and other departments?
Music by Achu is okay. He has got the sound right for a film of this kind but they actually lack soul. The background music is good and it helps create a mood for the film. Editing and cinematography is neat.

Naa Rakumarudu Review
Hero and Heroine characterizations.

Predictable story.
Second half .

Naa Rakumarudu ReviewWhat about the box office performance of the film?
The film had the potential to grow but is in the end ruined by the climax. It not just ends the film on a poor note, it brings the entire film down. Another film that would be forgotten post the weekend.

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Oh-No Rating
Reviewed by Siddhartha