Naa-Peru-Surya-US-Collection--A-Shocker-In-StoreThe openings of the Stylish Star Allu Arjun’s film in the Telugu states are alright. It was on the expected lines considering word of mouth. However, the same can’t be said about the numbers in the US.

The first day (premiere plus Friday) numbers of Naa Peru Surya has come out at around $379 K, and we have to say it is a shocker of sorts for a star hero. The premiere number is unusually quite low. Some of the “current” second league stars have got better premiere figures.

But a bigger shocker in the store would be if the film fails to reach the Million. In the present market, almost all the top stars are reaching that figure even with mixed talk. In fact, Bunny’s last flick Duvvada Jagannadham too made it to the Million with mixed reports. The Saturday would be very crucial in that regard.

Again, the subject seems to have been an issue in the US as well. But, the US market is known to patronise different attempts. Wonder what is resulting in this reception?