Naa Peru Surya - Classy Treat With One Mass HitMost of Stylish Star Allu Arjun’s albums are a massy affair with a single or two catering exclusively to the melody. For a change, the star has got an overly class oriented album in Naa Peru Surya.

The attempt is there to give a mass touch to the songs, but as the whole sound is far removed from the “typical” Telugu sounding, the class touch remains. Vishal and Sekhar have stuck to their strengths and not tried to do something to appeal to the Telugu sensibilities barring one song. Also, the singers choice has improved compared to their first Telugu attempt, Chintakayala Ravi.

As mentioned above, there is one exception, and it is a mass number “Iraga Iraga Iraga”. The song is good, and with right timing and picturization, it has all the elements to be a hit among the masses and youth.

Naa Peru Surya marks the directorial debut of writer Vakkantam Vamsi. It stars Anu Emmanuel in the female lead. The movie is going to hit the screens worldwide on May 4th in a grand manner.