Mythri Movie MakersMythri Movie Makers are one of the top production houses in Telugu cinema. They do films with top stars and bankroll heavy duty films.

Today, Mythri’s presentation film, Meter hit the theaters and it opened to disastrous reviews. The openings trends are also abysmal to the least.

Following Meter’s release, people have started discussing about Mythri for bankrolling a substandard product.

Previously, there are many production houses that have been in positions that Mythri are currently in, but went downhill later due to poor production plans and bad choice of films.

Mythri should know what had happened in the past and should act accordingly when it comes to making films. There should be a certain degree of passion and effort when making films and that’s what audiences expect when they come to watch Mythri’s films in theaters.

After seeing Meter, many are commenting that Mythri have taken the audience for granted. And if the production house is to avoid the fate faced by other production houses that went downhill, they have to act wisely.

They can claim this is an obligation film for their CEO Cherry but they should remember at the end of the day, the film will still appear in their Filmography.