Mythri_Movie_Makers_IrresponsibleSuperstar Mahesh Babu‘s Sarkaru Vaari Paata arrived on Amazon Prime Video on a Rent basis on Thursday. That is three weeks of its theatrical release.

This has come as a shock to the trade because the movie is getting some revenue, especially over the weekends. Moreover, a star film coming out on OTT in three weeks will send wrong signals to the audience and demotivate them from coming to the audience.

We came to know that Amazon shares 50% of its Rental revenue with the producers, Mythri movie makers in this case.

Incidentally, Chiranjeevi‘s Acharya also arrived on Amazon three weeks after its theatrical release. But it is the decision of Amazon.

Also, the platform is only trying to lessen the damage because Acharya is a disaster and its theatrical run has ended. It is not the case with Sarkaru Vaari Paata.

Even average films arriving on Amazon in three weeks will send very wrong signals to the audience, the trade is worried and they are blaming Mythri Movie makers for it.

“Naveen Yerneni speaks very sensibly about theaters system, revenues, etc but what he did here is the complete opposite,” a buyer from Guntur district told us.

Another distributor from AP is even more critical.

“This early OTT release for star movies started by Mythri. They did it for Pushpa releasing it on Amazon in three weeks in the name of COVID. They escaped in the name of COVID but their action for SVP is condemnable,” he says.

The damage of this early OTT release for star films is just not confined to the buyers of those films. It will affect the audience’s confidence in the industry as a whole.

Furthermore, Mythri is the most happening production house making back-to-back films with stars. They need to be more responsible in this issue.

Their Ante Sundaraniki releases on June 10th now. There is a danger of the audience not trusting their campaign of delayed OTT release when they claim so. And that would be not just confined to only their movies.