akhil interview at inorbit mallFor any debutante, the producers of Akhil’s debut movie have really invested big amount of around Rs.45 crore and according to the claims made by the team, the movie is made on grand scale and Akhil couldn’t have asked for more for his debut movie. How safe are the producers?

Akhil says that he knows that his producers are safe as the film is sold out and the movie did good business. The only thing that remains to see is how far the film will work? How much the movie would collect? Akkineni fans are having high expectations and there is huge hype around the film.

It was Nithin who pushed him not to miss the chance to do his debut movie with V.V.Vinayak. Nithin and his father Sudhakar Reddy are safe now as the film did good business and from Akhil’s revelation it’s clear that he is happy for his friend that they are safe. Point to be noted indeed!