Actor Nani has been simultaneously working both the Telugu and Tamil film industry for a while now and has quite a few successful films under his recent belt. More recently, he even got married just a few months before the shooting of his latest project, Aaha Kalyanam. And although Nani explains that his wedding was a low profile event, he managed to make up for it during the shooting of this Tamil film. When asked if the delivery of dialogues were difficult for him in Tamil language, Nani stated that he understands the language, but was unable to converse in a fluent manner, but he seems to have gotten over the problem and can manage quite well.

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As for his work in both industries, Nani says that his priorities are very clear, Telugu being his mother tongue, and the fact that he started his career in Tollywood, he will always continue to be a part of it, but he also hopes to do at least one film a year in Tamil.