My-Mother-Gets-Irritated---PrabhasLike every mother would want, Prabhas‘ mother also wants him to get married, and she sometimes gets irritated by the fact that he didn’t marry yet, revealed Prabhas in an interview for a popular Bollywood critic and interviewer.

Actually, Prabhas’ mother never wanted him to get into films, and she used to say the same hoping Prabhas would listen to her. However, Prabhas made his debut when he was twenty-two and till now, he remains unmarried much to the annoyance of his mother.

According to Prabhas, she also gets irritated when he gets too many calls whenever he is at home. She always wanted to have a home and live happily and not get into films. Nevertheless, Prabhas calls himself an extremist who can’t live life like that.

But, a mother is a mother, and she would want the best thing to happen to her son and like every mother, Prabhas’ mother wants her son to marry and settle in life as that’s what settlement is called in life according to mothers. What say?