My love life is going strong: Samantha

Samantha hasn’t revealed yet who she is dating, but has confirmed that her love life is actually going very strong and she is extremely happy about it. She says she is very serious about her relationship and only sees marriage as the next step.

She says she is not the kind of person who would change partners. Since she is very serious about her life, and therefore, added that when she takes a stand, she adheres to it. If I’m in love I’ll be in it till I get married. There will be no going back and forth said Sam. She says she is happy to have found someone who thinks just like her.

She says even though she’s a celebrity, she still likes to do what a normal girl likes to do. Spend time with family, friends and make the most of life, and she’s glad that her guy is really supportive with her. However, Sam says she is not ready for marriage yet. When she is ready for marriage, she said she will formally inform and then get married.