jayanth-c-paranji-Takkari-DongaWe know that digging up past success stories of those in the film industry has become the ‘staple flavor’ of Telugu channels. Many actors, actresses, directors, and producers have been brought back to talk about their heydays.

One person who has had a few huge hits in the Telugu film industry happens to be Jayant C Paranjee. However, his Indianised version of the Cowboy film, Takkari Donga, starring Mahesh Babu was a disaster at the box office.

During a recent interview, Jayant Paranjee reveals that though it was not a hit, Takkari Donga is one of his most talked about films. He says many of the youngsters today come to him and ask if he is the same Jayant Paranjee who directed Mahesh’s Takkari Donga.

He says that despite directing some of the biggest blockbusters like Preminchukundam Raa, ShankardadaMBBS, and Baavagaru Baagunnara people still remember him the most for Takkari Donga.

He adds that Mahesh Babu should also get the credit for doing all the stunts himself. Even as the interview cuts to a shot where Mahesh is hanging underneath a train, Paranjee reveals that the shot was done by Mahesh without using a dupe under a speeding train which gave it that much more value addition.

Mahesh Babu fans have said on many occasions that they would like to see the sequel to Takkari Donga. Let’s hope SS Rajamouli’s film will satisfy their urge to watch Mahesh Babu in an ultimate action-adventure thriller.