My Daughter Should Not Ask Me That Question: ShriyaShriya Saran has settled in Europe after marriage and their first child. The actress has come to Hyderabad for the promotions of her December 10th release, Gamanam. The trailer of the film released earlier was so impressive. The actress is so excited about the film and it is visible on her face while talking about it.

“I still remember the first time I heard the script of Gamanam. I was transported to some other world and I immediately know I want to be a part of the film. I have tears in my eyes. I felt so intense. I learned to stitch clothes for the film. There are so many layers to the story,” Shriya Saran said.

“I play Kamala which is a Heavy character and it is stunning how Srujana wrote it. Kamala can not hear but can talk. It takes a lot of mental courage to play a helpless woman. It is the story of Hope, faith, love, and courage. It is about each character finding themselves, in their journey,” the actress said.

“It is so comfortable working with women directors. We can even get to share our personal problems with them. Until now, we used to see women behind the cameras but they are coming before as well. And trust me, they will be no less to the male directors,” she confidently said.

“I will only do challenging characters going forward. I will not do such films which my daughter will question when she grows up. I always feel I should be proud of the films I do. I lost a friend during the film shoot. I shot for Gamanam with a heavy heart and it also helped the film in a way,” she reveals.