My-Dad-Can't-Act-Off-Screen---Balakrishna's-DaughterThose who know Balayya as an actor and saw him only when he made public appearances might think that he is a person with a short temper and acts mainly by impulse like ‘Bhola Sankarudu’. On the occasion of Father’s Day, his daughter Brahmani has a different account of Balayya to share with us.

She says that her father might be a good actor on the screen but he can’t act off-screen. He is very simple and mingles with the older generation and the younger generation quite effortlessly says the doting daughter who thinks her father is a great actor and a cool person who gives his 100% one he believes the story and his director.

By the way, Brahmani’s son, Devansh calls his grandfather ‘Gola Thatha’ and he likes the energy his grandfather displays. That’s why he asks for talking with his grandfather rather than his grandmother. Like Brahmani, we too admire Balayya’s energy levels and how he is open to suggestions. Brahmani also talked about her father’s research and study for the sake of ‘NTR’ biopic.