Thagubothu RameshThagubothu Ramesh is known for his antics as an actor who has mastered the act of a drunkard. He acted in 300 films and among them, about 50 films didn’t release yet. Besides his Thagubothu (drunkard) act in some films, most of his roles went unnoticed. He repeated the same ‘Thagubothu’ act in nearly 100 films, said Ramesh in a recent interview.

However, he has this adult comedy movie that has got people talking. His most recent film ‘Chikati Gadhilo Chilakottudu’ worked out really well for obvious reasons. The content in the film is targeted at a select group of audiences. That’s the reason why it could reach them naturally. The adult content in the movie along with double-meaning inundates made the movie likable for youth audiences, opined the actor. True.

When the trailer of the movie was out, it gave a soft porn kind of feel for the movie. This is the same film that brought him recognition, says Ramesh. But, the thing is, the movie didn’t reach far and wide and therefore, for regular audiences, it’s his ‘Thagubothu’ act in ‘Ala Modalayiindi’ and many other movies that connected really well.