Anjali is basking in the success of Geethanjali. She’s simultaneously busy working in a Tamil film and takes pride in admitting that her career is going place. She has nothing to worry about but for constantly growing weight. According to a section of the media, Anjali is using her weight as a strong promotional tactic to draw attention.

But the actress rubbishes all such allegation and says that she’s happy with the way she is. She said why should she worry about her weight when she’s getting film offers and audiences have not stopped watching her? As long as she has work and nobody from the industry asks her to lose weight, she isn’t going to be bothered. Moreover, Anjali doesn’t believe in size zero and staying skinny. She likes to stay healthy and she feels she’s actually healthy, and therefore, doesn’t have to worry about her weight.

But Anjali is ready to lose weight if required for a role. She doesn’t mind going that extra mile for a role because she has to satisfy nobody else in the process. let’s see if Anjali will ever get a role that will require her to shed weight.