Must Watch: ‘Breath’ - Taking Look Into Naresh’s Naandhi’s WorldAllari Naresh for his 57th film is going serious. And he really means it. Right from the first look to the different teases we have seen so far, it is nothing like what we have usually seen the actor do. Here is the latest addition.

A new video is out from Naandhi. It is called ‘Breathe Of Naandhi’. It is sure to take one’s breath away by the end. An ominous sort of mood is built from the start of the clip with dialogues that hit home the point straight away.

A sacrifice has to be made for justice. Here the character of Allari Naresh is doing it. The pain in the voice can be felt, which are matched on screen by the visuals. We have seen more and shudder to think what else is in the store.

It is a game-changer for Allari Naresh. He has done serious roles before, but Naandhi is on a whole new different level. All the posters and teases so far have been intriguing.

Check out the Breathe Of Naandhi below. Vijay Kanakamedala directs the movie. Noted director Satish Vegesna produces the raw and realistic flick. Sricharan Pakala is the music director. The makers have assured through the promo that Naandhi would be a theatrical release. We have to wait and see when it happens.