Musical Chairs game by Sankranthi releases!
Yes, Sankranthi releases like Yevadu and 1 – Nenokkadine are playing Musical Chairs game. ‘1-Nenokkadine’ was planned for Sankranthi long ago but their plans of getting a big release is hampered by Yevadu makers who are also eyeing the same season now. It is a basic thumb rules in trade that when two big movies are releasing back to back, the last release will get highest number of theaters.

And now, Yevadu and 1-Nenokkadine are playing games with each other saying a release date per day. Both of them are waiting for others to make an official call so that they can announce their release a day later. We will have to see who will be the winner of this game. Amid this biggies. Nithin and Puri Jagannadh’s Heart Attack is eagerly waiting to see if this biggies leave some breathing space so that they can sneak in.