Tollywood Music Director’s Park Hyatt Costs Troubling ProducersThere are many opportunists in the industry and they like to feed on producers for the simple reason that this money doesn’t come out of their pocket. Here’s one story of a music director who is burning a hole in the pockets of the producers.

It is common for music directors to operate from Chennai. One of the reasons being the huge pool of talented technicians and singers from here. This music director is no different. He too predominantly operates from Chennai.

This happening music director is the hot favorite for most big ticket films these days. And so, he often has to travel to Hyderabad. This is the where the catch comes in.

This music director books a fully furnished service apartment and also 4 rooms at the famous 5 star hotel, Pak Hyatt. This is one of the costliest properties in Hyderabad.

So naturally, the producers who bear the expenses end up shelling way too much money than intended on this 5 star accommodation and also other miscaennous costs.

Had the music director, who is mostly working with Telugu directors established a small time equipped studio in Hyderabad, the costs would come down substantially for the producer.

But the clever music director knows he wont have the luxuries if he sets up a studio. He is used ot these 5-star luxuries. And in turn the producers end up burning their pockets big time.