Murari connection with Ram Charan’s next

We all know that Ram Charan is currently doing a film in the direction of Krishna Vamsi. The film is a family entertainer and shooting is going on at great pace already in scenic village side location of Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu. Nothing much about the storyline is known except for the fact that it will be a complete family entertainer without any fights and all. Well we have now got a little scoop on the storyline of the film.

Ram Charan will be playing an NRI in the film which is by know a common knowledge to all who have been following the film. The latest update on the character is that the character also doesn’t believe in God and any religion. Yes, Ram Charan plays an atheist role in the film that by the end changes his belief on God. In the past Krishna Vamsi has done family entertainer with religious and God angle called Murari and looking at this latest piece of news one can’t help but wonder if the director is going the Murari way again.