He's Miffed with Makers of Allu Arjun's Blockbuster?Amidst a hoard of half-a-dozen talented actors like Tabu, Rao Ramesh, Vennela Kishore, Sunil, Nivetha Pethuraj, Harshavardhan etc., the only actor who has got an author-backed role in ‘Ala Vaikumthapurramloo‘ was Murali Sharma.

All the others mentioned above have got half baked roles and some of them didn’t register, even. Murali Sharma has got a key role in the movie and his character’s importance was only next to Allu Arjun.

However, the actor has been missing at the post-release success events, conspicuously. According to a tabloid report, the actor is miffed with the makers of the movie over his remuneration.

The report says that the actor over-worked for 30 days more than the scheduled 50 days. But, he was paid for only 50 days. That is said to be the reason why he has been absconding from the functions.

Murali Sharma’s character became one of the most appreciated ones in ‘Ala Vaukumthapurramloo’ after only Allu Arjun’s character Bantu that travels the entire film right from the word go till the end.