Mummy Torture With This Heroine For Filmmakers!She is the first choice for medium range heroes right now. Her track record looks like a charm and so are her upcoming films. While she is so sweet to everyone, her mother has become a torture for the filmmakers.

She follows the girl everywhere. While the actress is so simple, her mother is so commanding. She comes to the location and expects the team to give her more attention than the heroine herself.

That is not a big deal for filmmakers because there are many mothers like her in the past as well. But she becomes a headache for them during the promotions. She keeps a tab on everything.

It is important to take care of her than the heroine. She decides what she should talk and with whom she should talk. She just sits closely and micromanages everything. The girl needs her approval even to finalize her schedules.

Even when the actress is with the heroes, she comes to them on one reason or the other and interrupt. The heroes who feel omnipotent are often very disturbed with these excesses.

Interestingly, all this tagging means both mother and daughter got infected by COVID-19 while promoting a film.

All this will go uninterrupted until her time is running.