In a surprising move a top multiplex chain has send back the standees sent by the makers of an highly awaited Bollywood film. Anyone following the recent developments in Bollywood should have already got an idea by now, we are talking about PK starring none other than Aamir Khan.

As we all know the first look has created huge uproar all over thanks to the nude look of the star. The star and the unit didn’t stop there and went ahead with their unique standees idea. They specially ordered standees which could talk, recorded voice being played when someone is near it. This was unique and something that has been never done before but little did they realize that this would lead to further trouble.

Given the shocking nature of standee which is the same as the first look of the film, the multiplex decided to remove it from its premise and send it back to the makers. They cited that the standee felt inappropriate to be placed in a complex where people from all ages visit. They do have a point without any doubt, don’t they?. Now what will the makers of PK do if this is followed across the country?