Multiplex Problems in Hyderabad!

The Multiplex culture is very fast expanding in all parts of the state. Already, the major share of Bollywood collections are coming from the Multiplexes. The share of Multiplexes is very little in as far as AP is concerned but there are numerous corporate giants trying to enter the business. In Hyderabad city, there are quite a good number of new multiplexes coming up. Many of these are already completed and ready to go but the GHMC permissions are pending mostly due to the parking problems existing in the city.

The Muncipal corporation are blatantly refusing permissions for such Multiplexes. For an instance, Cinepolis in Kukatpally is refused Multiplex ticket rates due to lack of Parking space. The officials have made it clear that they will be only allowing single screen rates if parking is not improved. However, the strictness of GHMC will only ensure that film goers will get better facilities and film viewing experience.