Multiplex Operators Planning A New Remedy for Post-COVID WorldRemember MoviePass which created a Sensation in the US Markets some years ago? For $10 a month, subscribers are allowed to unlimited movies a month. It has created a sensation initially and later, the company got bankrupt and closed its shutter in September 2019.

If not that cheap, Indian Multiplex Operators are planning to launch their own Individual version of “MoviePass” Subscription. They are feeling that this is an inevitable move to attract and retain viewers in a Post-Coronavirus World. They are of the opinion that this will also stop the OTT Penetration in Indian markets.

The Cinemas have been shut for more than two months now. There is a flurry of movies skipping the theatrical release and are directly releasing online. After seven films announced their arrival on Amazon Prime Video, one more Tamil film is going to have a direct online release on Zee5.

This is adding to the pressure on the Multiplex Operators who are already bleeding losses due to the Lockdown. There is no sight of normalcy in the near future and even if the Cinemas are opened, there is a doubt if the public will be in the mood to go and watch movies.