Multiple Releases Tanked, All Hopes on 2020!Karthikeya had multiple releases in 2019 and all the three movies namely ’90 ML’, ‘Guna 369’ and ‘Hippi’ bombed at the box-office. He acted as a hero in all the aforementioned movies and one of the movies, ‘90 ML‘ was from his home production.

However, one film in which he acted as the antagonist with Nani playing the lead role ‘Gang Leader’ didn’t bomb at the box-office though it was not a commercial hit.

Karthikeya‘s negative role has got him noticed as an actor who can perform and has the screen presence that he can develop further. It means something he can work upon in the coming days.

Having three releases in a year as a hero is a good achievement in itself, but it’s equally important to have a hit film for staying in the league and get the tag as a successful lead hero.

So, all the hopes on 2020 that it would bring success to Karthikeya, a guy who made some good friends in the industry, and they promoted his films when necessary.