Varun-tej-mukunda-audio-talkMega functions these days are more about self praise or lots of hostility towards the guests as lyricist Seetharama Shastry has pointed out. However Mukunda turned out to be a good one simply due to the fact that there was less hostility.

All the cast and crew talked about the movie and shared their experiences on working in the film and the guests wished them all the best in their fullest. Seetharama Shastry’s long speech or heroine Pooja Hegde singing a song which couldn’t have happened earlier happened in this function.

Finally the speech of Varun Tej took everyone by surprise mainly due to his confidence but now a days all the star kids are coming with great planning and confidence, so no real brownie points we guess. And how can a ‘mega’ function happen without the usual missing of Pawan Kalyan. It too happened and the bitterness between the two brother Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi was clearly evident in the final speech from the latter. Besides few moments like these it was a rare decent function among the recent from the family.