Mudra-Sold-out-Nikhil-Even-Before-1st-ShotWith ‘Kirrak Party’ not doing so great as expected, we may think that Nikhil might slow down. Nay. The actor is certainly enjoying the attention as his next is sold out even before the director canned the first shot.

We are talking about ‘Mudra’, Nikhil’s next movie that is said to be the remake of critically acclaimed Tamil movie ‘Kanithan’. In an earlier interview for ‘Kirrak Party’, Nikhil called the remake only an inspiration but now we see the buzz calling it a proper Telugu remake.

The satellite rights of ‘Mudra’ are said to be sold-out even before the movie went on to the sets for a whopping amount of Rs. 5.5 crores. The director of the original version TN Santosh is going to helm the remake, as well. It is learnt that he made some changes to the script to suit the Telugu nativity.