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mr-pelli-koduku-ReviewBOTTOM LINE 
Not so good remake

138.00 Minutes


What is  “Mr Pellikoduku” about?
Mr.Pellikoduku is the story of Buchi Babu (Sunil) who comes from foreign to India to get married. His parents seek matches for him and in this process, he goes to see Anjali (Isha Chawla), Buchi Babu. He likes her very much and gives his nod immediately. Later it is revealed that Anjali is already in love with another guy and on her request, Buchi Babu says no to the match. But Buchi Babu could not convince his mind and heart. Rest of the story is about how Buchi Babu wins Anjali’s love.

Sunil -mr-pelli-koduku- movie-review
Is this a Sunil kind of movie?
Yes it is. The director had made good use of utilizing the comical angle of Sunil. However, he tried to balance the movie by adding some sentimental scenes in the second hand of the movie. Sunil had performed well in the role. His dances are electrifying but he should make sure that they are graceful. He also displayed his 6 pack abs in the movie (Introduction scene and the climax). Sunil should take immediate care of his depleting face due to his hard fitness regime.

Director Devi Prasad -mr-pelli-koduku-review
How is Devi Prasad’s direction?
Devi Prasad who earlier directed movies like Aaduthu Paduthu and Blade Babji had chose a good subject for the movie. He tried to add native touch to the movie by adding more melodrama scenes to it. But they did not work well. The screenplay goes wayward in the second half with songs hampering the flow of the movie. He also failed to establish the emotional connect between audience and the movie.

Isha Chawla -mr-pelli-koduku- movie-review
What about Isha Chawla, Tulasi Nair and the other actors ?
She looked pretty on the screen. Her performance is good. Comparing her with Kangana Ranaut in Tanu weds Manu would be very harsh.

Ali -mr-pelli-koduku-review

What about the other actors?
As in every Devi Prasad movie, there are many actors in the supporting roles. Vincent, Ali as Bachi, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam as Buchi Babu’s father. Ravi Babu as comedy villain, MS Narayana as Narayana have contributed their parts. Rest of them are all okay.

SA RAJ KUMAR -mr-pelli-koduku-review
How is Dance, Music and Songs?
All the songs composed by Veteran music director SA Raj Kumar are huge minus points. And the back ground score is just average. Choreography is good for some place and very bad in some.

dharmavarapu -mr-pelli-koduku-review
1. Sunil’s comedy timing
2. Some Dances
3. Comedy sequences in the first sequences

Ravi Babu -mr-pelli-koduku-review
1. Misplacement of songs
2. Director failed to establish emotions
3. Wayward screenplay

Sunil -mr-pelli-koduku-review
What about its box office prospects?
The first half of the movie is okay with some good comedy sequences and second half is a big let down. But there are always very less expectations on a Sunil movie. This may be the only reason if the movie goes on to make good numbers.

Did I enjoy it?
Not at all.