MoviePass Nationwide LaunchMovie Pass was once one of the most lucrative avenues of revenue for Telugu films. Many Telugu films were benefited by the same as the Telugu folk used the subscription to watch almost every notable film.

But under the new leadership, it went bankrupt and shit operations.

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Cut to now, Movie Pass is back, but this team around, not with the dream pricing of $9.99 per month with one film per day.

The new pricing and model implemented by the Movie Pass starts with $10 per month for 1-3 films per month and ranging up to $40 per month for upto 30 films per month.

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The new Movie Pass can be used at 4000 cinemas across the USA, including Cinemark, AMC, and Regal.

But there might not be as much support from the Telugu folks this time around as most of them have taken independent subscriptions at top chains like Cinemark and Regal depending on their vicinity.

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Previously, Movie Pass was like an all you can eat buffet at the cheapest possible price. But with the new pricing model and the related restrictions, it isn’t quite the dream pack. So, the Desis might give it a pass this time around.