MoviePass,-Disappointing-News-in-StoreOne must agree that the market of the small films with good content has improved tremendously because of MoviePass subscription service that allows the US audiences to watch movies with a minimal amount paid as the subscription. Now, a disappointing news in store for the Telugu audiences, especially.

The MoviePass was unable to pay for the movie tickets on Thursday and hence, the subscribers had to face a lot of inconveniences. MoviePass has brought in some new restrictions recently and stopped supporting every Telugu movie. Nevertheless, It has been making the impact on Tollywood collections, still. Even the small films are being bought for decent prices by the US distributors because of the newly increased market. It would be a big disappointment if they shut the Movie Pass down.

MoviePass was hugely successful in attracting the audiences to the theatres to watch the small budget and the medium budget movies, as well, instead of opting to watch only the big movies that got a huge hype. But it is struggling to survive now and if this continues, it may soon be shut down. It’s certainly bad news for the movie lovers in the US.