Movie Tickets Telangana  Andhra PradeshWhile untenable ticket prices have become a headache in Andhra Pradesh, there has been a new issue for the industry in Hyderabad now. Major Multiplexes have decided to increase prices in accordance with the recent G.O. issued by Telangana Government.

Except for Asian (₹175-₹250), All leading Multiplexes have opted for ₹295 from Tomorrow. This will be applicable for All Running and New Movies. The Government has issued the G.O.saying the prices can be increased upto 295 Rupees but the Multiplexes have made it a norm.

Except for Big films, all other films will bump into a big problem at this prices ad the audience will be wary about the high prices. The Multiplexes should at least opt for lower prices during the week days. Even for star films, these prices will prove to be tricky after the first weekend.

This is another headache for Tollywood if not addressed. Family audience may totally move away from theaters and opt for OTT. It is also difficult for the Repeat audience.