Trivikram Srinivas - Sravanthi Ravi KishoreTrivikram’s speeches at pre-release functions are as popular as his powerful dialogues on the screens. His speech at the pre-release event of Ram Pothineni’s ‘RED‘ is full of gratitude for Sravanthi Ravi Kishore. Trivikram felt that he was fortunate to come across a great listener like the producer.

Reminiscing the initial days of his career, Trivkram said that he has got producer Ravi Kishore to listen to his stories like ‘Nuvve Nuvve’, ‘Nvvu Naaku Nachaav’ and ‘Nuvve Kavali’ and he was fortunate to have a producer who reads the script form the first scene to the last scene.

“I will be grateful to him for the kind of journey he gave to me in the film industry. He taught me how to respect Cinema and gave me the greatest of my experiences,” Trivikram went totally nostalgic of the days when he worked with Sravanthi Kishore.

The ace director fell at the feet of the producer and expressed his gratitude for paving the path for many in the industry. It was a great gesture from the blockbuster director to remember his humble beginnings and the people who helped him to climb up the success ladder.