Mother Sentiment Touch For SVP Vulgar Scene!Superstar Mahesh Babu’s Sarkaru Vaari Paata got extremely mixed reactions from the audience. Some liked Mahesh’s makeover and style, and others didn’t like the routine second half of the film.

But one thing that got unanimously criticized was the vulgar tone in the film’s second half. Critics, as well as the audience, panned the way Mahesh Babu treats Keerthy Suresh in a derogatory manner. An actress of Keerthy Suresh’s stature being treated as an object and used for titillation was found downright disgusting, especially by the women audience.

Now director Parasuram has come in defense of the film. In a recent interview, Parasuram said that each and every scene had been designed after lots of discussions with Mahesh Babu and the crew. Even Mahesh Babu didn’t feel that he was sending wrong signals by doing such scenes. Since the heroine fooled him in the film’s first half, the hero’s character was taking sweet revenge on her by making her sleep with him every night.

Parasuram also said that there was a lot of innocence in those scenes, and it was just like a son sleeping beside a mother with no sexual undertones.

However, netizens on social media are finding Parasuram’s defending statements extremely silly, illogical, and unconvincing.