Most Trolled Rich Kid Saravanan Arul Spending Money Like Water Saravanan Arul aka Legend Saravanan, the rich kid of the popular Saravanan Stores is going to make his debut as a hero in Kollywood. The shooting for his maiden venture has begun and the rich celeb seems to be spending money like water.

The makers recently shot a song with 100 dancers on a palace set erected for the shooting. It’s said that the shooting of this song cost him Rs. 10 crores. So, it’s implied that they are going to spend lavishly on getting a rich look for the film.

Previously, Legend Saravanan appeared in the video advertisements for his Saravanan Stores. He was trolled badly and there are thousands of memes on social media about his dancing and acting talents.

Now, we hear that the crew of his debut venture is in awe of his dance moves and that has got us thinking either he must have improved his dancing or the coterie is just trying to appease him.