Most Senseless Fight On Krishna & Krishnam RajuTollywood fan wars are stooping to the lowest of lows every now and again. Fans are finding the most senseless of reasons to wage wars against each other. Here’s one such instance.

Incidentally, fans on social media are now fighting about the Dinam Bojanam(eating arrangements at customary post-cremation activities) of two deceased Tollywood stalwarts, Krishna and Krishnam Raju.

A few fans are spreading social media posts that Prabhas organized special food for over 1 lakh members at Krishnam Raju‘s Pedda Karma while Mahesh Babu arranged for just 5000 people at Krishna’s Pedda Karma.

While the heroes are suffering the demise of those near and dear to them, fans are fighting about the eating arrangements at the Pedda Karma events. This is beyond silly and pathetic. The general section are amused and agitated about the same.

This is the state of a few fans on social media and it is high time that they learn to do something worthwhile instead.