Suresh Kondeti Comments Neha Shetty DJ TilluQ&A sessions at Tollywood film events are witnessing some very uncomfortable questions by a few media personnel. Social media is expressing disgust over the ‘cheap behavior’ but nothing is changing.

One such question has come at DJ Tillu Trailer launch event on Wednesday evening. In reference to a dialogue in the film, a senior journalist asked hero Siddhu Jonnalagadda whether he really counted the Moles (Puttumachalu) of the heroine.

Siddhu refused to answer the question but the video of that question has gone viral on social media. Heroine Neha Shetty expressed her disgust in harshest words taking to Twitter.

“This question was very unfortunate at the trailer launch today. But I must go on to add that it simply simplifies the respect he has for himself and for the women force around him at his work place and at home,” the actress tweeted quoting the video.

Social media folks are appreciating the actress’s courage in calling out the behavior.