Morgan Freeman Inappropriate Behaviour with WomenMorgan Freeman is quite a popular name in Hollywood circles for his adeptness as an actor, narrator and producer. Awards and box-office credits had been his norm. All said and done about his glory, he is presently facing the allegations from eight women that he has sexually harassed and misbehaved with them.

A young production assistant who worked in his ‘Going in Style’ accused that he tried to lift his skirt besides unwanted touching and comments on her. All the accusations on the Oscar winner came to light when an entertainment reporter was harassed by Morgan Freeman during a promotional interview.

Women feared to wear body-hugging outfits as he always commented on their breasts, looked at all women from top to bottom from very close quarters, also touched them unwantedly on their shoulders, back part and of course, there are his demeaning comments.

These allegations are creating tremors as they were investigated by CNN because it all began with the accusation of their reporter Melas. The latest we hear is that Morgan Freeman came up with an apology saying that he didn’t intend to make anyone uneasy.